behrotest® flow-through unit, Aquabox

The Aquabox flow-through unit enables the correct, expert determination of on-site parameters during the collection of soil and sewage samples. The unit permits the simultaneous determination of electrolytic and physico-chemical parameters under optimal and reproducible flow conditions.

Aquabox is constructed of transparent, shock-resistant PETG, a thermoplastic copolyester. The transparent construction allows constant visual identification of problems during operation, e.g. sand or sediment contamination. All components which come into contact with water are made of non-wetting PETG (flow chamber and lid) or PP (inlet and outlet tubing). Therefore the water being sampled is not affected by any release of contaminants from the materials used for construction of the Aquabox. The lid is splashproof and easy to open and close by means of a quick-release fastener. The lid has 6 variable diameter, splashproof sensor holders for inserting sensors up to 25mm diameter (larger diameters available on request).
  • The water spirals upward in the chamber around the positioned electrodes and flows out over the splashproof outer housing.
  • Six holders in the lid with variable diameters provide secure sensor mounting in the peak flow area.
  • On-site measurements are made easy due to the rugged construction materials.
  • Water flow can be adjusted using a valve.
  • An inlet bypass valve allows sampling.
  • Aquabox is quick and easy to disassemble without the need for tools through a central threaded joint.

Aquabox application areas:
  • In the laboratory and on-site.
  • In-line and point sample operation also possible.

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behrotest<sup>®</sup> flow-through unit, Aquabox

behrotest® flow-through unit, Aquabox

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