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Benchkote surface protector®

The upper side consists of a particularly absorbent filter paper, the lower side is a non-permeable, chemically resistant PE layer. This combination makes Benchkote into a protective paper with a particularly high wet strength for universal use, helping to meet the requirements of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP):
  • Completely absorbs escaped liquids
  • Prevents spills from reaching the workbench
  • Protects against contamination

  • Surface protection for lab workbenches, trays or chemical cabinets
  • Contamination protection, e. g. in isotope or bacteriological labs
  • Adsorption of toxic or radioactive substances
  • Hygienic protection in animal cages
  • Atmospheric regulation in humidity chambers
Benchkote surface protector®
Benchkote surface protector®
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Pack of loose sheets4600.57509.106 28021 99,60118,52 Add product to Shopping Basket
 Sheets4600.571007.633 130-108,00128,52 Add product to Shopping Basket
 Sheets6000.50509.106 278-108,30128,88 Add product to Shopping Basket
 Roll4605.0019.106 2847 173,90206,94 Add product to Shopping Basket
 Roll6005.0019.106 279-228,10271,44 Add product to Shopping Basket
 Roll9205.0019.106 286-337,50401,63 Add product to Shopping Basket
 Pad of sheets4600.5719.106 287-98,70117,45 Add product to Shopping Basket
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